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The 2017 State of Resilience Report - The Future of IT: A View of Practices and Progress
For the past 10 years, Vision Solutions Insights has compiled the last word on IT in the business world with our annual State of Resilience Report. This year, we have once again surveyed thousands of respondents for perspective on their unique environments. This comprehensive paper discusses all the pressing trends regarding migration, data sharing, HA/DR and the cloud.

View this on-demand webcast detailing the key findings from this milestone study. We take a look at the past decade in Power and Windows systems and what the future holds for modernization. Build strategies and learn where your business stands against some of the leading names in the industry. This short hour will cover the entire landscape of IT today including:
  • What's driving an increase in failed migrations from 36% in 2014 to 51% in 2016
  • Why there's a widening gap in achieving RTO and RPO goals
  • What 50% of respondents say is their biggest challenge to adopting the cloud
  • What puts you at the highest risk for data loss
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23 NYCRR 500: A New Cybersecurity Requirement for Financial Services Companies
Discover how to develop a robust risk-based cybersecurity program to become NYDFS compliant

View this on-demand webcast showcasing how Vision Solutions can help your organization to become NYDFS compliant before March 2018. Security experts from Vision Solutions will give you the tools needed to start the process of implementing a robust risk-based cybersecurity program that abides by the 23 NYCRR 500 regulation.

In just one hour, you will discover:
  • Why it’s important that you get compliant before March 2018
  • How Vision Solutions can help your organization get on track with a regulated risk-based cybersecurity program
  • The importance of learning the potential risks of not becoming compliant
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Streamline Password Management with Password Self Service
Today, 30% of time is wasted in an organization by waiting for a password reset ticket to be solved. This causes a significant loss in productivity of an employee and overall productivity of an organization. How can you prevent wasted time and money on resetting passwords? Watch this information-packed on-demand webcast to learn how Enforcive Password Self Service can help your organization streamline password management into an autonomous process that enables end-users to securely manage their passwords independently while saving help desk time and cutting costs.

During this presentation you will learn more about:
  • Offloading administrative password management procedures from help desk teams
  • Improving security through highly customizable user identification processes
  • Maintaining an audit trail of password reset activity
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Fortify Your Database Security
A data breach is one of the most common ways for businesses to have their IT systems compromised, but many data breaches can be caused by something as innocuous as human error. How can you prevent such a critical vulnerability from putting your organization at risk? Register for this information-packed webcast to learn how database security from Enforcive will ensure that your organization stays resilient and stands up to the most likely security threats.

This presentation will teach you:
  • IT security through database protection
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to put a plan in place
  • The basics of IBM i database security
  • How Enforcive can provide the necessary tools to secure your database
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High Availability and Disaster Recovery Trends and Technology
With 80% of IT pros planning HA/DR initiatives for the coming year, you need to be aware of changes in the technology landscape and new challenges on the horizon. Join Vision Solutions experts for an info-packed webcast as we share findings and conclusions from our latest survey from Vision Solutions Insights. Learn trends, explore the impact of cloud, find out HA/DR tech options and figure out new ways to obtain a higher level of availability.

Among the topics covered in this on-demand webcast:
  • Learn key HA/DR findings from our research
  • Hear the latest objectives for uptime and data preservation
  • Improve your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
  • Discover Different HA/DR options for IBM i
  • Achieve near-zero downtime with active-active replication
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Data When, Where and How It's Needed
Learn How to Accelerate Access to Data

Join us for a 30-minute on-demand webcast showcasing MIMIX Share for easy, real-time database replication with transformation. Offloading real-time data doesn’t have to be a chore. Use one solution to smoothly deliver transformed data for reporting or data warehousing – or to migrate to a new database or operating system without disrupting your business. Traditional ETL processes limit what IT pros can accomplish. Vision Solutions experts will be demonstrate you how to break those limits and unleash the power of your data.

Key topics covered include:
  • The latest trends in data sharing across all industries
  • Costs and drawbacks of traditional ETL processes
  • The features and benefits of model based replication and transformation
  • Demonstration of a common replication scenario with MIMIX Share
  • Questions and answers from Vision Solutions experts
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Security Primer: IT Compliance Essentials
When companies of all sizes and industries have fallen victim to cyberattack or data breach over the past year, it’s clear that nobody is 100% safe—and every IT pro whose job relies on strong security should take notice. Knowing that, it’s time to have a solid IT compliance plan in place, from checkboxes to frameworks. The cost of inaction could be thousands of dollars a minute. So join Vision Solutions experts for a critical webcast detailing what you need to know in the world of IT compliance.

In this webcast, you can start making your systems more secure by learning the following:
  • Various methods of cybersecurity and compliance
  • The discipline of governance, risk management and compliance
  • Implementing a holistic risk management framework
  • Building a layered compliance protection program
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Data Encryption in a Snap
Don’t let the apparent complication of encrypting data stop you from taking this important step—especially since you can do it in a snap! Enforcive Field Encryption is the simplest way to safely secure IBM i sensitive data. It is a comprehensive platform for file and field level encryption, as well as for masking and scrambling. View our webcast at your convenience to learn how this intuitive solution is the next step in improving your overall security environment, complying with regulations and better understanding the use of IBM FIELDPROC.

Watch this on-demand webcast and you will learn:
  • Security key management for segregation of duties
  • How to set up on-the-fly masked and scrambled field views
  • The use of encryption with high availability systems
  • How to encrypt save files for safe transmission
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Moving Beyond Two Nodes with MIMIX Global
Join us to learn how to meet ever-growing demands for system resilience and availability by adding MIMIX Global to a MIMIX environment of three or more servers. MIMIX Global delivers maximum protection from downtime and data loss with maximum access to your data – without increased complexity.

Experts from Vision Solutions will dive into the details of MIMIX Global and how this innovative solution can work for you.
  • Use of MIMIX Global in 3+ node HA/DR environments
  • Network communication considerations with MIMIX Global
  • Remote journal and journal management insights
  • Configuration requirements for a typical MIMIX environment
  • Switching with MIMIX Global
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Discover IBM i Compression While Active with MIMIX Promoter
Deleted Record Compression While Active: Recover Storage with Maximum Uptime

Is valuable disk space on your production IBM i being taken up by files and tables with excessive deleted records? Take back the dead space and maximize your IBM i storage again with Compression While Active, the Vision Solutions reorganization and recovery service that saves disk space and helps systems run more efficiently with near-zero downtime. View this on-demand webcast to learn more about how Deleted Record Compression While Active that’s part of MIMIX Promoter will help you do more with the technology you already have.

In 45 minutes, you will learn:
  • Why deleted records continue to consume disk space
  • The role of MIMIX Promoter in disk reorganization
  • How to reduce storage while continuing operations
  • How Vision Solutions can help
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