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Dan Riehl - Power Talk Episode Six speaker

Episode 6 – Dan Riehl

For episode 6, we sat down with security expert and consultant Dan Riehl for a discussion of best practices in protecting the IBM i from attack. Learn about key i vulnerabilities, what every auditor should know about IBM Power environments and more tips regarding this critical piece of IT resilience.

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Episode 5 – COMMON 2017

We sat down with 10 IBM i experts for a special episode recorded at the COMMON Annual Meeting. Each guest offered a unique perspective on IT, ranging from current market trends to where business resilience is heading in the future. This is a can’t-miss episode for those who want a complete overview of IBM i platform directions.

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Craig Johnson

Episode 4: Craig Johnson

For episode 4, we invited research and development leader and 30-year industry veteran Craig Johnson for a conversation on high availability. This noted speaker and Vision Solutions expert had a lot to say about current IT environments as well as the future of HA. Hear actionable insights you can use today.

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Ron Peterson

Episode 3: Ron Peterson

For episode 3, we invited retired leader of IBM’s clustering team, Ron Peterson, into the studio for a conversation on IBM i and high availability.This noted lecturer and former Vision Solutions product strategist had a lot to say about different IBM i HA and clustering alternatives.

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Larry Youngren

Episode 2: Larry Youngren

For Episode 2, we invited retired leader of IBM’s remote journaling team Larry Youngren for a conversation on IBM i remote journaling and High Availability. Larry is an author of the popular "Striving for Optimal Journal Performance" IBM Redbook, many magazine articles and over a dozen journal-related tech notes. He also brings over 30 years of IBM experience and a unique perspective on the state of High Availability today.

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Dr. Frank Soltis

Episode 1: Dr. Frank Soltis

In our premier episode of Power Talk, we sit down with world-renowned IBM pioneer Dr. Frank Soltis. He offers his nearly 50 years of experience to discuss the future of the IT world, the role of the i series in transaction processing and the importance of the IBM i's single-level store architecture. For exclusive insights from the mind of "The Father of the IBM i" this is an episode you can't miss.

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Power Talk Podcast Series

“Power Talk” is Vision Solution’s new podcast series dedicated to insights and discussion surrounding IBM Power Systems. Every month, we will feature a new conversation with industry leaders for their unique take on our ever-evolving IT world.

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